Apparently ppl think the police are being UNFAIR to this POOR LITTLE PRECIOUS CHILD :’CCCCC as evidenced boy the poll further down. It’d be super neat if you peeps on Tumblr could let your voices be heard. Plenty of brown folks sitting in jail just because they LOOK suspicious and this dumb bitch tries to get of scott free after she got caught. Not to mention all the copycats that have been spawned directly following this. SEND HER PUNK ASS TO JUVIE. MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF HER. LET WHITE PEOPLE KNOW THEY CAN’T JUST BLINK THEIR SHINY BLUE EYES AND GET AWAY WITH SHIT LIKE THIS.


white mom: quit roughhousing!

white son: fuck u mom

white mom: oh heavens! thomas are you going to let your son talk to his mother like that?

white dad: go to your room billy right this minute!

white son: fuck u both *goes to room and jacks off and smokes weed out of mountain dew can*

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i feel bad all the time and today is no different


since i’m ranting about yoga…

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reading trashy trollmance novels in bed

it took me a bajillion tries to get this to load (connectivity issues) but so worth it

you can tell by his face that ~someone’s~ OTP just became canon

i love the glowing sopor effect so much this is gorgeous

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please tag your snk, snk is an alright series but it makes me really uncomfortable because its creator is a war crime apologist and has trivialized the murder of millions of koreans, chinese, indonesians, filipinos, vietnamese etc and its really disturbing to see literally every day how the snk fandom does not care and is pretending nothing is wrong with that

some sources!






also id like to apologize for generalizing the snk fandom; i did not intend for this post to gain attention or become a hub for information and therefore let my emotions get a little ahead of me, and it seems that the biggest problem is that most people do not know anything about this

i’m reblogging this again because after reading up on these links, i’m pretty overwhelmed. i know just about everyone i follow posts snk and loves it, but personally i really can’t be a part of the fandom anymore.

i know, for me, my beliefs and biases bleed into my stories and reflect my heart. i find my own work so close to who i am that i really can’t accept this kind of behavior and racism from an author i previously supported.

plus Mikasa’s character, one of my favorites, is pretty ruined for me. being named after a battleship that had control over Korea, her story seems disgustingly contrived, given that she is almost sold into sex slavery as a child and THAT is precisely some of the war crimes committed by Japan to Korean women. in essence, Isayama respects and admires war crimes and believes Koreans should be thankful to Japan for colonizing them. 

that’s fucked up, dude.

i would appreciate if people tagged their snk, too. thanks guys.

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when u wanna cosplay a thing

but u fat


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